Chatododo is a recently renovated detached house, according to the local legend about 150 years old, originally built by Belgian King Leopold II to cater for one of his mistresses. These days the charming Chatododo offers its guests all the desired comfort while respecting the original stylish characteristics. Guests are overwhelmed by the unique, fairy-tale character of the house and its garden. The owners were inspired by its past and decided to keep many of the original elements of the house. They restored the oak floors in the living and dining area, put the chimney back to work and restored the 3- metre high doors with original handles… The original floor tiles and high ceilings with ornaments in the hall and kitchen were also restored.

Chatododo is situated in the south of Belgium, in the Ardennes and more specifically in the Walloon/Namur village of Villers-Sur-Lesse which is part of the larger Rochefort. When arriving in Villers-Sur-Lesse, one’s eye is caught immediately by the “yellow castle” (Le Château Jaune). This castle belongs, similar to many other buildings in Villers-Sur-Lesse, to the Royal Donation and as such is part of the Belgian State. Guests can admire this castle from two of Chatododo’s bedrooms. In addition, at the bottom of the castle there is a beautiful royal farm dating from the 18th century. Also well worth a visit is the church in modern architectural style and the cave devoted to Our Lady From Lourdes. The castle, royal farm, the church and cave are within walking distance from Chatododo.

Within 10 minutes walking distance you can access the RAVel, a gorgeous cycling and walking track that follows the old train track between Jemelle and Houyet. The total distance of the track is 22km: several parts of it are right along the river Lesse and thus the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic!

Welcome at Chatododo, a holiday home reuniting charme, authenticity and quality!