Dining in the area? It’s possible!

Du Four à la Table (Rue des Platanes 16, Villers-sur-Lesse): Reservations via 084/377115.

Auberge du bief de la Lesse
(Rue du Bief 1, Villers-sur-Lesse): Reservations via 084/378421.

Lemonnier: (Rue de la Baronne Lemonnier 82, Lavaux -Sainte -Anne):  Reservations via 084/388883.

La Gourmandise (Rue de Behogne 24, Rochefort): Reservations via 085/222181.

Couleur Basilic (Place Albert 1er 25, Rochefort): Reservations via 084/468536.

Le Genimont (Rue de Genimont 19, 5580 Villers-sur-Lesse)

Typical Belgian fries can be found at the frietkot near the exit of the E411.

Want to cook yourself? Approximately 8kms down the road, in Rochefort on the Rue de Dinant, there are several supermarkets: Colruyt, Aldi en Lidl.

You don’t feel like cooking and you don’t feel like going out for dinner? You want to have a nice meal but stay at the house? It’s possible! Ask us about the possibilities with regards to Chef@Chatododo. Jointly with our chef you can decide what’s on the menu and he will prepare it for you. If you like cooking you can also assist the chef.