Tourist attractions

Villers-Sur-Lesse is part of the larger and well-known Rochefort. The small but charming village has a number of sights such as the “Yellow Castle”, the royal farm or the church with cave. The village also offers you direct access to the RAVel for walking and cycling.

The RAVel is an ancient railroad from Jemelle to Houyet that has been transformed into an unusual and superb biking and walking track along the river Lesse. Discover the 22km long path by bike or on foot at your own pace.

Another farm that belongs to the Royal Donation is the Ferme de Jambjoûle. They cultivate cows, chickens, pugs and sheep in a biological fashion. Some of the products are for sale: milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream, eggs and some meat (lamb, porc).

Within walking distance from the Chatododo you can admire the Royal Castle of Ciergnon that was originally built on demand of King Leopold I. In a later stage, King Leopold II donated the castle to the Belgian state. The castle is still the favourite weekend house of the Belgian Royal family. With a bit of luck you can encounter King Philip and Queen Mathilde with their four children cycling the RAVel…

The provincial domain Chevetogne is close by and an ideal daytrip with children.There are more than 10 fabulous playgrounds, each one of them with their own theme. There is a treehouse, an elves playground, a water playground… You can go for a picnic (we can arrange a picnic basket upon demand) or have a barbecue, play some minigolf, take a boat ride of swim in the large open air swimming pool.

Less than10km away you can find Rochefort, especially known by beer lovers: the “Trappist” is brewn in the Abbey Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy, only 2 km away from the centre of Rochefort. Almost as renowned as the beer are the Rochefort cheeses (Rochefort cheese with algues, hazelnuts or basilicum are just a few examples). The abbey and brewery are unfortunately not open to the public: you can however take a walk around the abbey and visit the sober abbey church. Beer lovers will have to content themselves with some beer tasting at La Gourmandise, not far from the town’s church. Rochefort is at the same time a popular small town looking up at the ruins of the Château des Comtes or castle of the earls. Do take the time to admire the view over the town from the Rond du Roi panorama. Closeby, 60 metres under the ground, the Lorette cave is being hidden.. Rochefort also offers the charming “Parc des Roches“, perfect for a recreational day out. A piece of pure nature in the heart of the town with a heated outdoor pool, mini golf, soccer field, tennis court and playground.

Every year during the month of May there is the renowned “Festival International du Rire” or International comic festival.

In Rochefort you can also visit the Archaeoparc Malagne, allowing you to discover how everyday life was during Gallo-Roman times. The estate spreads out around the remains of one of the largest villas in Northern Gaul. There is also a vegetable garden that has been laid out along time-honoured Gallo-Roman principles. Malagne also breeds different species of cows, horses,  sheep and goats thus contributing to endangered or rare species.

Also closeby, about 5 km away from Chatododo, you can visit the well-known Château de  Lavaux-Sainte-Anne. This castle is listed as ‘exceptional heritage of Wallonia’ and well worth a visit!

The small village of Han-sur-Lesse is home to one of the most famous caves of our continent, the Cave of Han. This cave is exceptional in terms of the beauty of its concretions and the immensity of its chambres. On the hill that overhangs the cave and in the valley is a 250 hectare park of unspoilt nature that accommodates the Wildlife Reserve, bringing together about 20 species of animals, including the European Big Five.

For golf lovers: the Royal Golf Club du Château Royal d’Ardenne belongs to the best golf courses in Belgium. With a rich royal heritage, the 18 holes course lies in the former park of Ardenne castle built by King Léopold II in the 19th century. The Royal Family used to enjoy playing golf here and several of its members were club champions as you can discover in the club house.

The course is designed between majestic old trees, some vestiges from the past and offers super views and absolute tranquillity through a challenging undulating terrain.